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Augmented Reality

We are developing apps that merge man and machine via optical hardware that can be used to enhance user experiences.  Virtual E-commerce, real time data visualization and game experiences can utilize AR to name a few!

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Bingo as a Service

Allow users to connect to your bingo game via their device.  Any device that can connect to the internet will work!

We are currently working on allowing users to buy digital Bingo cards!

Build a 3D Experience

We can build you a custom fully 3-Dimensional experience from the ground up.  Our team has created many different applications that utilize 3D; including virtual reality e-commerce, a room designer, auto-meshing point data and VR music videos.

Let's hear your idea and find a way to make it happen together!

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Godot Development

We use the Godot framework to develop awesome games, desktop applications and services for ourselves and clients.  This 100% completely open source project would not be possible without the generous support and donation of many donations and brilliant minds over at the Godot Foundation.

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Babylon Javascript

For jobs that are meant to be delivered through a web browser, we use a framework called Babylon Javascript.  This highly mature and sophisticated technology allows access to the GPU of the client device for seamless and super fast rendering speeds.

We have used this to develop games, unique eCommerce experiences and impactful website experiences.

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